Professional Bali Vet Service for Your Pets

At Bali Central Vet we fully understand that your pets are not an ordinary animals but family members, and therefore deserve the same quality of medical services as their owners to keep them healthy. Beyond eliminating sickness we provide a full range of preventive care to keep your pets away from potential health threats. Whilst our experienced vets as well as our equipments and facilities are sufficient to execute even the most demanding cases, the best is having no reasons to use them.

Bali Vet Preventive Care

Preventive Care

The vast majority of serious disease can be prevented by proactive actions including regular medical examination, vaccination, etc. Whilst you may be able to find and pay the best vet service in Bali and beyond, preventing sickness is by far better to both the pets as well as the owners.

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Bali Vet Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment

Our experienced vets as well as our equipments and facilities are sufficient to take care even the most challenging cases. In the cases where unavailable facilities are needed, we will arrange so the comfort of both the pets and their owners are not compromised.

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Bali Vet Emergency Service

Emergency & Home Visit

If  bringing the pet to our clinic is considered impossible, we can send our vet to come to your place for preliminary examination as well as providing treatments. If  further examination and treatment in the clinic is needed, we can provide evacuation service as well.

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Vet for Bali Animal Rescue

We Support Animal Rescue

Known to most of us that among the most serious problems related to animals in Bali is uncontrolled growth of stray animals population, especially dogs and cats, that live in severe condition. We are also seeing growing cases of house pets getting abandoned for various irresponsible excuses. All of those unlucky animals are facing numerous threat ranging from sickness, abuse, traffic accident, elimination, even being consumed.

We support organisations and individuals who dedicate themselves to helping them by giving significant reduction on their bill. Contact us for further information.

Meet Our Principals

Running Bali Central Vet are two senior vets that bring their extensive experience into making Bali Central Vet the best place to go for veterinary services in Bali. You may see there are many vet clinics in Bali. But if you are looking the best vet clinic in Bali then you better to give us a try.

drh. Kadek Arnawa - Bali Vet

drh. Kadek Arnawa

Spent years of experience in Western-managed Bali vet clinics and other related institutions, drh. Kadek has sufficient experience to complete even the most demanding cases. His mileage in operation theatre made him one of the best Bali vet surgeon.

drh. Ratna - Bali Vet

drh. Ratna

Graduated from the of Bali’s Udayana University as the best graduate of her year, drh. Ratna brings years of experience in Bali’s most respected veterinary clinics as well as overseas assignments into making Bali Central Vet to operate in International standard.

Success Stories

We are proud to successfully help our patients that had serious problem that require complex treatment including complicated surgery. Many of them were life-threatening and therefore they saved lives. Others bring serious implication to the quality of their life. Seeing their condition after our treatment, feeling the happiness of their owners, are very fulfilling experience.

Helping a Dog with Broken Leg

Hit by a car, this young 8 months old has is upper leg bone broken. The fracture position that was very close to the ligament made it more difficult to be fixed. The complication was […]

Severe Skin Problem

Rescued by an animal lover, this dog was taken into our clinic with sever skin condition. With proper medication and attentive handling by our staffs, the skin was gradually healing and he is now back […]

Surgery to Fix Dislocated Kneecap

A young female dog had dislocated kneecap, a situation known in medical terminology as Luxating Patella. The severity was escalating from grade II to grade III. During the surgery we deepened the trochlea and cut the […]

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