Facilities at Our Bali Vet Clinic

Aiming to provide a one stop veterinary services for your pets, we provide adequate facilities to perform every medical treatments in our clinic – from simple treatments like deworming and vaccination to complicated bone surgery. Beyond our patients, your pets, we also provide facilities to make your visit a comfortable one.

Consulting Room at Our Bali Vet Clinic

Consultation Room

Pharmacy Room at Our Bali Vet Clinic

Pharmacy Room

Surgery Room at Our Bali Vet Clinic

Surgery Room

Reception Room at Our Bali Vet Clinic

Reception Room


The green front area and gives the peaceful impression, also used for animal rehabilitation.

Receptionist Room

Room for patients registration and payment and also for a small pet shops.

Examination Room

The room for examination and treatment of the patient.

Dogs Room

Inpatient room of a sick dog (but not a contagious disease).

Cats Room

Inpatient room of a sick cat (but not a contagious disease).

Isolation Room

Room for dogs and cats that have infectious diseases.

Surgery Room

Room to perform surgery.

Pharmacy and Laboratories Room

Room for storing medicines and to perform simple laboratory examination.

Success Stories

We are proud to successfully help our patients that had serious problem that require complex treatment including complicated surgery. Many of them were life-threatening and therefore they saved lives. Others bring serious implication to the quality of their life. Seeing their condition after our treatment, feeling the happiness of their owners, are very fulfilling experience.

Helping a Dog with Broken Leg

Hit by a car, this young 8 months old has is upper leg bone broken. The fracture position that was very close to the ligament made it more difficult to be fixed. The complication was […]

Severe Skin Problem

Rescued by an animal lover, this dog was taken into our clinic with sever skin condition. With proper medication and attentive handling by our staffs, the skin was gradually healing and he is now back […]

Surgery to Fix Dislocated Kneecap

A young female dog had┬ádislocated kneecap, a situation known in medical terminology as Luxating Patella. The severity was escalating from grade II to grade III. During the surgery we deepened the trochlea and cut the […]

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